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IMuTS Lab is equipped with a comprehensive assortment of test and characterization equipment that let us conduct tests such as:

  • Complete one- and two-port electrical characterization of devices and circuits from 10Hz to 4GHz with one of the three vector netwok analyzers;
  • Signal/spectrum analysis using from DC to 3GHz;
  • Vibration testing using our high frequency shaker up to 10kHz;
  • Dynamic measurements using our spot laser Doppler vibrometer up to 24MHz with sub-nm displacement resolution;
  • Vacuum testing of dies and wafers down to 10µTorr and from 5ºK to 500ºK;
  • Vacuum testing of packaged devices down to 10mTorr with up to 68 connections and from 300ºK to 500ºK;
  • DC characteristic analysis using a semiconductor parameter analyzer;
  • Modular test systems for arbitrary short- and long-term tests and data collection;
  • Gas sensor test setup with precision mass-flow controllers;
  • Noise and phase noise measurement.


Listed below are some of the test equipment available in IMuTS Lab.

Vacuum probe station

Vacuum probe station
Janis Research ST-500
     -4  probe arms with precision micromanipulaters
     -Low frequency or microwave probe tips
     -Temperature control from 5ºK to 475ºK
     -Ultimate pressure of about 1µTorr
     -Monoscope with 3.4µm resolution

Vacuum test chamber Vacuum test chamber
Janis Research (custom built)
     -2 probe arms with precision micromanipulators
     -Up to 16 high frequency electrical feedthroughs
     -Up to 38 low frequency electrical feedthroughs
     -Temperature control from 300ºK to 475ºK (0.05ºK)
     -Ultimate pressure of about 10mTorr
     -Monoscope with 5µm resolution
Network analyser Vector Network Analyser
Rhode and Schwarz ZVB4
     -Two port analysis of systems from 150kHz to 4GHz
     -123dB dynamic range
     -Mixer and harmonic measurement capability
     -IF bandwidths from 1Hz to 500kHz
     -60,001 points per trace
E5100 Vector Network Analyser
Agilent E5100
     -Two port analysis from 10kHz to 300MHz
     -1mHz frequency resolution
     -IF bandwidths from 1Hz
4195aImpedance/Spectrum/Network Analyzer
Agilent/HP 4195a
     -Spectral measurements from 1mHz to 500MHz
     -Impedance analysis from 10Hz to 500MHz
     -Resolution bandwidth down to 3Hz
Signal analyzer  Signal Analyser
Agilent N9000A
     -Spectral measurements from 9kHz to 3GHz
     -Phase noise measurement
     -Resolution bandwidth from 1Hz to 3MHz
4145ASemiconductor Parameter Analyzer
Agilent/HP 4145a
     -Current resolution of 50fA
     -Voltage resolution of 100µV
     -10MOhm input impedance 
Lock-in amplifier Lock-in Amplifier
Zurich Instruments HF2LI
     -Two input channels
     -Measurements from DC to 50MHz i 1µHz steps
     -Includes several current and voltage amplifiers
Microscope Optical Microscope
Nikon Eclipse LV100
     -Objectives for x50 to x1000 magnification
     -Diascopic brightfield and episcopic darkfield
     -True 12.7M pixel image and video camera
Workstation Instrument Control Workstation
Dell Precision R5400
     -Remote control of major equipment
     -8GB RAM
     -RAID 1 Drives

Other equipment in our lab include LeCroy WaveSurfer 42Xs high frequency oscilloscope, Agilent 53132A frequency counter, Keithley 2400 high voltage source-meter, Agilent 81150A high frequency function generator, Singatron and Cascade probe stations, nano-enclosure, various active probes for oscilloscopes and signal analyzers, and other test equipment.